America to deport jailed illegal Ghanaian migrants

Robert Jackson, US Ambassador to Ghana
Robert Jackson, US Ambassador to Ghana

The fate of illegal Ghanaian immigrants in America remains on the balance as the US embassy to Ghana is predicting more deportations in the coming weeks.
So far, hundreds of Ghanaians have suffered deportation from the United States with others feared to have been behind jailed by law enforcement following the toughened immigration laws since Donald Trump was elected into office.

“There will probably be a charter aircraft coming with some Ghanaians in the next few weeks. A few are in jail. Most of them are at liberty but they have been informed by the immigration service that they must leave the United States,” Robert Jackson revealed in an interview with CitiFM.

Earlier, YEN reported of how some 104 illegal migrants who were deported from the United States of America (USA), refused to disembark from the plane that transported them to Ghana based on what some of them described as inhumane treatment by US authorities.

Aside the reported treatment of Ghanaians immigrants in the US, the American embassy in Ghana is entreating Ghanaians to stay away from visa fixes if they wish to stay in the states with a peaceful mindset.

But despite the harsh and tough immigration laws, many Ghanaians still strive to live the American dream.

This was after checks by YEN showed that close to 1.7 million Ghanaians applied for the US visa lottery in 2015 alone.

Source: Ghanaweb

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