A Man’s Worries.. 

Before I got to my 30th birthday, my mind and thoughts began to ponder on the way forward after hitting the third decade of my existence on mother earth, I now had to begin taking proper care of my health precisely what I take in, lots of body movement (exercise) I love walking a lot so I believe I’m well fit. I got a chance to attend a journalism school which has always been an aim of mine and there, my mind further expanded to how the general public can be addressed to be educated and enlighten and entertained….  I thought to myself “if given the opportunity, I would love to spread a message across my country Ghana of the need to shapen the minds of every youth by both parents and the society, they are indeed the future and the future we anticipate can be more advanced and civilized a lot more than what we now see around us. 

My little Advice is to think back to our past, our fathers before us,  what did they do? How did they do it?  Regardless of the level of understanding and civilisation back then there is still a lot we can learn from the past and use to reshape our future. 

I love my Country Ghana 🇬🇭🇬🇭🇬🇭🇬🇭

By: CordovoGH 


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