The Game “Subway Surfers”



I’ve had the game Subway Surfers on my mobile phone for some time and have played it a couple of times but didn’t have much interest in it until recently a friend showed me his scoreboard and the competition between facebook friends who are playing it, so I decided to begin playing it at level 14 between facebook friends have so far climbed up to level 19 , it was then that I decided to write something about this popular game which I know may be on almost every mobile game lovers.


The game is about a graffiti kid being chased by a cop which begins the race and it’s played on different country levels with each country’s graphics being different one from the other. It has fascinating game tools that when put to good use, can help players throughout the game… example “Hoverboard” “Coin Magnet” which is my favourite, “Jetpack” “Super Sneakers” “Mystery Box” e.t.c.

Along the way, there are gifts and powerups which can be collected to help boost one’s portfoilio, there are awards given in the form of keys and these keys in turn can be used to start off from a position where a player’s game ended. There’s a lot I can say about this game but would urge all game lovers to give it a try as it can be downloaded both from the Google Play Store for android and the App store for ios.


Written by: CordovoGH


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