I have been very interested in attending events especially one that is being held in my Country Ghana, so when I came across the ad of the L.E.A.D series event and found out their guest speaker was my Blogging Mentor, I couldn’t help but register to participate and I didn’t regret attending the event.


The L.E.A.D series which stands for Learn Evolve Apply Dominate is an event platform organized by 2131clubs  and Sky marshals which creates a connection between the stories of individuals across the globe that have developed their ideas and innovations to limits that has earned them not only high recognition, but affected positively, the way of life of many others. These stories of the achievers have become the strategy for success, followed by people who desire it. With a 100 events to be held, 100 speakers each representing their craft, and 100 talks, L.E.A.D series is poised to bring nothing but the best to its participants and the general public.

So far it has held 3 events here in Accra Ghana, the third edition just came on yesterday 30th July with renowned Ghanaian celebrity blogger Ameyaw Debrah, second edition had Nabil Alhasan, CEO of event factory Ghana. the guest to appear for the first edition was Reggie Rockstone, the originator of hiplife music in Ghana.

I didn’t get the chance to attend the first and second so I may not be able to write on how it went but my experience being a participant at the just ended third edition was fun and informative so I wouldn’t doubt the previous edition’s had been awesome. it began with a couple of documentary video show filmed by Sky Marshals and members of the 2131 club before the guest Ameyaw Debrah arrived, the interview began and we listened as he shared his life history first hand with the participants and a chance was given for 5 questions from the audience to be asked and before the event came to an end, the guest Ameyaw Debrah was presented with a gift and a citation.

Cordovogh with Ameyaw Debrah

For more information about the l.E.A.D. Series go to http://www.leadseries100.com

Arranged by: Cordovogh



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