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We Learn Everyday……

I went to this small restaurant around my neighborhood to have lunch and as I sat munching on my meal, Kokonte and Palm nut soup, I couldn’t help but eavesdrop on the conversation of two men sitting not too far from where I sat and what they discussed was all about driving.

The first man was narrating to his friend how he had tutored his boss in just a day and how she boldly began driving the next day, her strategy for this bold step was, she usually left home early in the morning and returned late night when the road won’t be packed with traffic and consistent use of this strategy made her a perfect driver in no time. They both continued on driving tales they knew and attitude of car owners as well and one point they hit about driving was BRAKE FAILURE, the first man who seemed much like an expert driver told his friend by way of an advice that it was very deadly when an automatic gear vehicle had a brake failure as in such case there couldn’t be anything done except the car hit an obstacle that would bring it to a HALT! so his only advice for solving such hazard from happening to an Automatic geared vehicle, was to have it’s brake pads checked periodically. Compared to an automatic  gear vehicle, the Manual gear in his opinion was much flexible to control in the case of a brake failure because the driver, if an experienced one can easily change the gear from whatever position it could be say if the gear was on the 4th or 5th postion which gave the vehicle top speed, to the lowest gear being the 1st. Instantly the car would jerk up about two or three times and stop. 

I thought to myself, is that so? 

We Learn Everyday.

By: CordovoGH


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