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MTN renews ‘’Agoo’’ partnership with UNICEF


MTN Ghana has renewed its two-year Memorandum of Understanding (MoU) with United Nations International Children’s Emergency Fund (UNICEF) to ensure that Ghanaians continue to receive essential information through ‘’Agoo’’ on health and social issues.

The partnership which started in 2015 was signed during the outbreak of Ebola and Cholera to provide critical information about the deadly diseases and the importance of hand washing with soap.

Agoo is a multi-lingual mobile platform to educate and engage people on topical issues including; water, sanitation and hygiene, education and child protection by calling toll free number 5100 for MTN users and 0540118999 for non MTN customers.

Mr Asher Khan, Chief Marketing Officer of MTN Ghana said Agoo affords the younger generation protection from violence, counselling to refrain from missing out on school; learn basic tips on healthy lifestyles, such as the importance of hand washing and good hygiene

He said the partnership sought to bring relief, alleviate the fear and anxiety of Ghanaians where Ghanaians could receive time answers to questions on the minds of people who called to enquire about both epidemics.

He said two years on the service had grown and proven successful, 427 calls were received daily in the initial stages and over 2000 calls were received daily since last year 2016.

“In the light of the success of this partnership, MTN is continuing its partnership with UNICEF.

“Today we are signing a MoU to renew this partnership for another two years to affirm MTN’s commitment of brightening the lives of Ghanaians.”

“We are in the digital age and this partnership/ initiative resonates with MTN’s vision of leading the delivery of a bold new digital world. Customers will have ample time to concentrate on their business rather than spending lots of time having to physically go to see a professional.”

Madam Rushnan Murtaza, the Deputy Representative UNICEF said UNICEF had a responsibility to children the next generation of leaders, entrepreneurs of technology experts.

She said one of the most effective ways to empower and enable our young people is to ensure they had the right information and to make this a reality, both MTN and UNICEF have put enormous efforts to promote the Agoo platform.

“From 2016, UNICEF had engaged in more than 370,000 students which covers 96 per cent of all Senior High Schools in Ghana.

“Every year 600 children under the age of five years old die because of diarrhoea related illness that is approximately 10 children a day and one new born dies every 15 minutes.

“Currently one girl in every five in Ghana is married before her 18th birthday and in the three regions of the North, statistics rise to about one girl in every three despite the fact that child marriage is illegal in Ghana.” she said.

She said the Agoo platform would therefore enlighten, increase knowledge and create positive attitudes as well as behavioural change to better the future of the children.

The centrepiece of the Agoo information and engagement campaign for young people is ‘’ Wash Wana Hands’’, a message the performance of a powerful karaoke song and dance choreography by top nine artists in Ghana.


Arranged By: CordovoGH

Source: GNA


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