Afrikaan drops debut singles “Body” and “Sexy”

The music industry of Africa and the world has seen great talents pop up from every corner with mind blowing hit tracks and newly discovered sounds. Afrikaan is no exception to such talent, his debut singles “Body” and “Sexy” was released on 1st October 2017 to various social media platforms for his fans and the public .

Afrikaan, born  Sorie Kargbo, is a Sierra Leonean native residing in Ghana working hard on his musical sound  he calls bubu musik, a blend of Sierra Leonean style of music, rhythm and afrobeats fused together and how it can impact on society. In an exclusive interview, he tells CordovoGH  how his journey to music began.

CordovoGH_with Afrikaan

CordovoGH:  At what point of your life did you decide to do music and why?

Afrikaan:  Music had always been a part of me while growing up so at age 15 precisely, I decided to begin doing music because I loved the feeling I got when listening to any music, I loved the style of musicians and what they do, I admired legends like Bob Marley, Lucky Dube, Kevin Little and Daddy Lumba all of which played a vital role in my continual love for music and I aim to become like one of them someday, I believe with my music and sound I can connect people from different parts of the world to listen to my voice and message.

CordovoGH: What inspired the tracks “Sexy” & “Body”?

Afrikaan: Whenever I spot an African woman, all I see is sexiness, natural beauty and natural body shape and I appreciate these endowments of the African woman, that’s what made me write these two tracks.

CordovoGH:  Tell us what we should expect from Afrikaan, after dropping these debut singles?

Afrikaan: I want my fans and everyone out there to prepare for Afrikaan’s great works, the very best of all my songs to come so all I need is their continual support.


Sexy and Body were both produced by Dj Wayne, mix and mastered by Highlander beat.

listen here:




By: CordovoGH


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