Elivava, Ghana’s Proud Daughter


Elivava, the “African Gold”, is a Ghanaian Afro Pop, Afro Jazz singer, song writer, performer and choreographer and I admire her a lot hence this article. My first encounter with Elivava was on Linked In where I added her as a contact and later saw a couple of her artistic posts that drew my attention, went ahead to read briefly about her and finally wrote to her where she responded and approved for me to write this article on her 😊. I’ve grown to become a big fan of hers…
Born Tina Mensah, Elivava hails from New Baika in the Buem District of the Volta Region of Ghana and has numerous songs to her credit, has performed on several platforms home and abroad as well…….

My research tells me Elivava’s upcoming album “I live 4Ever” set to be released soon had all except 2 songs, written/composed by herself and has tracks like:

  1. Goodbye but not forgotten
  2. Yiko (Sorry)
  3. Bumi ….(written by Melody)
  4. Kobla, e.t.c

There are quite other songs on the album, so far the above listed tracks I’ve listened to and trust me anyone who knows and appreciate music will conclude they are great and inspiring songs.



This proud daughter of Ghana is not just into singing and dancing, but is a strong advocate of women empowerment and is founder of the Elivava Women Empowerment Homecoming Project/Initiative (E.W.E.H.P.I) which aims at getting women to understand that with faith, a little bit of hard work and focus can lead to a better life.

For more information, check out her personal website http://www.elivava.com



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