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DreadLocks and it’s STIGMA in Ghana

Dreadlocks, or Rasta as some commonly refer to is a hairstyle that can be worn by anyone but a lot of people around the  world attribute it to Rastafarianism, afterall carrying dreadlocks is somehow an important symbol to every Rastafarian. It’s procedure is simply carrying natural hair without combing so it gets twisted and eventually locked with time, or the natural hair can  be matted or braided through a technique known as twist and rip.

There’s a line from a famous Morgan Heritage song “Don’t Haffi Dread” where they say one doesn’t have to carry dreadlocks to be a Rasta but rather divine conception of one’s heart, so therefore there can be Rastafarians without locks on their head, and also there can be others who just carry the locks for fashion…….

In recent times Ghana has seen majority of it’s youth all going from low cut hairstyle to carrying locks, but I would say carrying this hairstyle in this beloved country of Ghana isn’t easy because majority of it’s population frown on the hairstyle and the first impression that comes to mind whenever people see anyone carrying locks is “He’s a Criminal” “He’s a Rascal” “He’s dangerous” “He smokes marijuana” e.t.c. The police is not left out in this mindset as well because they too have this impression that all who carry dreadlocks are either marijuana smokers or peddling the herb which is illegal in Ghana, so the first thing a lot of policemen will do seeing anyone with locks, will be to stop them, subject them to accusations of either marijuana smell or it’s possession and subsequently subject that person to severe search…… lol.

Side profile of a young man with dreadlocks

I have been a conscious Rasta from my youthful days because I have in me that “divine conception”  long before I even decided it was time to begin carrying  locks and being aware of this mindset among the many population, I had to grow strong both emotionally, psychologically and socially because without these, one may never get the courage to carry locks. There was backlash from some family members and almost everyone around me though some couldn’t voice it out.

So far so good, my dreadlocks is a year and some months old, growing nicely and longer with each passing day  and I intend to carry it for as long as my heart will tell me to. I call my locks my TALENT, and it GROWS  everyday.


By: CordovoGH



4 thoughts on “DreadLocks and it’s STIGMA in Ghana

  1. I have been loc’d for 4.5 years. For men its hard but maybe cos I’m a female the backlash is less. Maybe its cos you’re only a year and half in. Give them sometime let them mature and they will love it! All the same its of the heart..stay put hun!

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    1. 😊 you’re right Houda, it’s because you’re female so the public will see it as just a normal hairstyle … But trust me for us Guys, the above description is what you’ll face from the public.


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