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Reed Drago & Dj Halm out with Special Independence Song Titled “Lauren’s Lullaby”

The WiLD.MONKi Records signed Artiste Reed Drago teams up with the versatile DJ Halm Of MEDIKAL’s AMG & BeyondControl Label for this 2018 classical titled ‘Lauren’s Lullaby’.

The song is a poetic justice done by Reed Drago explaining his life as an independent man in a world full Fakes and bad promises from friends and Leaders of the society.The song also Explains the essence of loyalty in a progressive society.

The Song is produced by Vader Y.F and is released as a piece for all individual Ghanaians on the 6th of March to celebrate Ghana’s day of Independence.

Click the Link Below to Listen to Lauren”s Lullaby ft Dj Halm (prod by. Vader Y.F) by Reed Drago on #SoundCloud


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Afrotrap caution
Zylofon Fm Radio DJ and Music Producer “DJ YoGa” has released unto his catalog a new Afrotrap single titled “Caution” which features Rising Ghanaian Hiphop Artistes; Reed Drago & King Klu .
This is the third single of his upcoming maiden Afrotrap Album which is scheduled for release later this Year.
The song sends message of caution to the youth on the need for a balanced fun and work life as a key to a trouble free life.
The song is composed by Reed Drago with supporting verse from Klu.
click the link below to listen to  AFROTRAP CAUTION  by Dj YoGa Ft @Reed_Drago , @KINGKLU – (PROD DJ YOGA)’ on #SoundCloud
Listen on CordovoGH below:

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My First Ever “On Air” Radio Experience

Listening to radio has been one of my hobbies beginning from when I was a teenager; I found it was a source of information by way of news, announcements, e.t.c and also a source where I first got to hear good music. Being a lover of music and entertainment, I stuck mostly to radio stations with the entertainment style format of programming as well as familiarizing myself with the names of my favorite on-air presenters. I have always wondered how everything was set up in the radio station and how the quality sound delivery finally got to the listener like myself and each time I listened, I wished to be an on-air presenter, not forgetting there were skills and training involved……. My first attempt to enroll at a radio school in 2014 wasn’t successful as I didn’t have enough finances to carry me through after making the enquiries, so I moved on with life but still had that zeal to pursue a radio career, three years later in 2017, now well prepared I enrolled in the same school I wasn’t having the capability to attend  back in 2014, which is (Rabodef  Radio Academy, located here in Accra, Ghana) which I consider the best for every aspiring radio personality, I did a three months extensive course  and finally graduated with the level of skills I needed to begin my radio journey, although an internship with radio stations was required of all students so they gain experience, mine was different because of certain personal reasons so I could not have my internship done but I still listened a great deal to a few favorite radio stations, it was during this time I also  began my blog  and made friends with different on-air radio presenters one of them being Benjamin Akakpo of  Classfm 91.3, Brother Ben as I call him, is the host of the award winning program “Author’s Haven” where literary works of great men and women are reviewed, I am a great fan of his and also a member of most of  his interactive social media platforms. One day I received a call from Benjamin asking if  I would love to be a guest on his show to review one of the books for that week, although I had to check my schedule to confirm if I would make it there that day or not, I couldn’t contain my joy and I quickly cancelled any appointment that may have come up on the program day and called Benjamin back that I would make it, the book to be read was “The Wonderful Wizard of Oz” by L. Frank Baum and I had less than a week to finish it LOL.

The D-day came and I was well prepared, I had informed my friends and family members to tune in and listen, also I had not forgotten the training received from radio school regarding speaking and composure during an on-air program….. I was nervous and I knew it was normal to be, because it was a first time for me but I also gathered courage at the same time, I was supposed to be joined by another guest but he couldn’t make it so I was the only one present as a guest. The show started and the first few minutes of my responses to Benjamin’s questions was tense LOL, but as the show went on it all disappeared and thankfully the show went on smoothly, I couldn’t believe it, (ME) speaking on air to a great number of people through the radio. I felt fulfilled…… This blog of mine now is a part of my plan in preparing myself for something great for listeners when I get a chance to host my own show. The Author’s Haven show comes up every Sunday at 7:00 pm on Class 91.3 FM and online http://www.classfmonline.com


ClassFM Studio
Cordovo at ClassFm Studio


My sincere gratitude goes to Benjamin Akakpo to have given me this first radio platform and experience. Thank You Bro……


Watch the entire show below:


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Afrikaan Releases Official Video for his Debut Single “SEXY”

Subsequent to every good music a video is required, Afrikaan, the talented musician from Sierra Leone following in this order has released the music video for  “SEXY”.

The video which was shot in parts of Accra, Ghana, using camera’s and equipments of quality expertise was carried out by Flames, C.E.O. of Maj 1V records, and his team, with support from friends of Afrikaan on set as well. The video was first aired on The Swift Show with Betty Fosu and Saka DJ on Pan African TV.

Click to watch, share and don’t forget to subscribe to Afrikaan’s channel:


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Elivava, appointed “Global Goodwill Ambassador” for Ghana

Elivava GGA

The African Gold as she is referred to, Elivava’s first appearance on cordovogh.com was when I wrote an article to promote her work as a musician, today we celebrate her attainment as a Global Goodwill Ambassador by Richard DiPilla, in recognition of her efforts as a Peace Ambassador / Singer / Performer / Women’s Empowerment and Philanthropist.

The GLOBAL GOODWILL AMBASSADOR (GGA) is an initiative founded by Richard DiPilla, an inspiring entrepreneur and impressive marketing specialist using the social media forum LinkedIn, to recognize people from every nation, race, color and socio-economic caste; who do goodwill towards others and the only thing the GGA looks at is the volunteering, charitable or humanitarian works of any individual. They exercise no bias, not commercialized in any way and free of hatred. They only have one commodity, that of Goodwill.

Other Global Goodwill Ambassadors include:  Hans-Jurgen John, Corilynn Bailey, Ferron Gray, Brock Harrington, Rana Nazir e.t.c among other notable men and women worldwide….

Congratulations Elivava, may you keep soaring to greater heights and put Ghana on the Map.

Get in touch at www.elivava.com

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Street4tune Sends Inspirational Message on New Trap Music “Ego bee”


Trap music is gradually taking a stand in the Ghanaian music industry with new diverse artists cropping out daily with different creative approach to the Genre.
One such Artiste putting African Trap music on the Map is Street4tune. Street4tune who is currently signed to blackstreet 4orce has released a new single titled “ego bee” to inspire and prepare the youth ahead of 2018.
Street4tune said his own life inspired  the creation of the song, chasing your dreams , sometimes you get to a point where you feel it’s never going to work out , it was at that point in his life where he lacked motivation and  he visited a studio with one of his friends and when the producer played the instrumentals, the story of his life came through this music, that he should never give up and still believe in his dreams .
Street4tune actually started music in 2016, that year was his rebirth, when he became aware of himself and decided actually on what to do with his life, he was in the institute of chartered accountants but decided to push the School ways aside and follow his passion for music.
He had a daughter who was one year old in 2016 and neither his mom nor any member of his family knew about her, he knew his life could go wayward any moment if he didn’t make the right choices so deciding on what to do on the street, he chose music.
His passion for music was within him from birth but he could never speak it out because he knew his mum wont support his career so he decided to take his life into his own hands and work towards his purpose in life
So Just like him, this is a motivation to everyone on the street, chasing a dream , to keep your head up because it may take time but one thing is certain that #ego_bee one day.

Kindly listen to “Street4tune_E go bee” on the Link below:
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Dj YoGa & Reed Drago _ Rumours


To mark his birthday which is today the 22nd of December and celebrate it with his fans, Dirty Psycho Entertainment headliner Dj YoGa collaborates with Reed Drago of Wild Monki records to drop this tune titled “Rumor”.

Kindly listen, download and share below:



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DreadLocks and it’s STIGMA in Ghana

Dreadlocks, or Rasta as some commonly refer to is a hairstyle that can be worn by anyone but a lot of people around the  world attribute it to Rastafarianism, afterall carrying dreadlocks is somehow an important symbol to every Rastafarian. It’s procedure is simply carrying natural hair without combing so it gets twisted and eventually locked with time, or the natural hair can  be matted or braided through a technique known as twist and rip.

There’s a line from a famous Morgan Heritage song “Don’t Haffi Dread” where they say one doesn’t have to carry dreadlocks to be a Rasta but rather divine conception of one’s heart, so therefore there can be Rastafarians without locks on their head, and also there can be others who just carry the locks for fashion…….

In recent times Ghana has seen majority of it’s youth all going from low cut hairstyle to carrying locks, but I would say carrying this hairstyle in this beloved country of Ghana isn’t easy because majority of it’s population frown on the hairstyle and the first impression that comes to mind whenever people see anyone carrying locks is “He’s a Criminal” “He’s a Rascal” “He’s dangerous” “He smokes marijuana” e.t.c. The police is not left out in this mindset as well because they too have this impression that all who carry dreadlocks are either marijuana smokers or peddling the herb which is illegal in Ghana, so the first thing a lot of policemen will do seeing anyone with locks, will be to stop them, subject them to accusations of either marijuana smell or it’s possession and subsequently subject that person to severe search…… lol.

Side profile of a young man with dreadlocks

I have been a conscious Rasta from my youthful days because I have in me that “divine conception”  long before I even decided it was time to begin carrying  locks and being aware of this mindset among the many population, I had to grow strong both emotionally, psychologically and socially because without these, one may never get the courage to carry locks. There was backlash from some family members and almost everyone around me though some couldn’t voice it out.

So far so good, my dreadlocks is a year and some months old, growing nicely and longer with each passing day  and I intend to carry it for as long as my heart will tell me to. I call my locks my TALENT, and it GROWS  everyday.


By: CordovoGH


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DJ YoGa & Cameroonian Rapper STiinG Jula Addresses the Youth on New AfroTrap Single Titled “Lessons Over Lessons”


The King of African Trap (AfroTrap) Music DJ YoGa has unleased unto his Catalog a new single which features Cameroonian Rapper StiinG Jula.

The song is titled “Lessons Over Lessons”,a message to the youth on the moral lessons of life and the need to ignore selfishness, Jealousy, Hate in everyday life instead focus on developing their talents and encouraging team work amongst the youth to achieve their dreams.

STiinG JuLa is a 22 years old hiphop artist with cameroonian origins who’s romance with music really started around 16, being part of a rap collective back in his high school days, has to date released an EP and a couple of singles, growing up mostly influenced by the occidental music, has been introduced to Afrotrap by DJ Yoga upon settling in Ghana and is gearing up to release multiple series of EP’s this upcoming year, with the intention of blending the the different flows from the different musical atmospheres he has assimilated growing up in the game.

DJ YoGa is currently Working on his debut Album which will be released Next Year Meanwhile he will continue to release singles for the youth and music lovers across the country and the Globe at Large.

The Song is produced by DJ Yoga and Mixed & Mastered by Ivan Beatz, a fastest rising music producer in Accra with a lot world standard productions to his credit

Listen to DJ YoGa & STiinG JuLa – Lessons Over Lessons on Soundcloud : https://soundcloud.com/djyogagh/dj-yoga-stiing-jula-lessons-over-lessons-prod-dj-yogamixed-ivanbeatz

Listen to DJ YoGa & STiinG JuLa – Lessons Over Lessons below:

Facebook: DJYoGa Ghana

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MikeMillz, Reed Drago, Cj BiggerMan,Ntelabi, Regardless & others Represents Ghana for the Africa Hiphop Awards Rising Stars Cypher – DJ YoGa

The Africa Hiphop Awards Rising Stars Cypher took a flight to Ghana over the weekend with sizzling performances from Reed Drago, Geoy Coffie, 86, Regardless, Esaias , Cj Biggerman and Others

Reed Drago

The Official instrumentation for the cypher was produced by MikeMillz, a people’s most preferred hip-hop music producer here in Ghana. GHOne’s Video Jock “Dj Xpliph” also did his thing On the Turntables as well.

The organizers stated that the Official Cypher Video will be Out Soon for the General public to view as well as it will be shown on various music chanels across Africa.

The Africa Hiphop Awards launch was held Earlier this year On July 1st at Chez Ntemba VIP Club in Lusaka, Zambia and it is organized by platinum events Africa Productions.

Written: Dj YoGa